Welcome to FS Fumiserv!

FUMISERV ENTERPRISE was founded in December 2006 by its owner MR. ABDUL SHAIK BIN IBRAHIM.

The founder's background in holding several qualifications related to the field of fumigation and treatment comes from over 30 years of experience in this field.

In a short time FUMISERV ENT. has grown to become a respected and well known fumigation and pest control service for shipping, air freight, commercial and domestic logistic companies in penang Malaysia. Based on the Island of Penang FUMISERV deals with treatment and preparation of import and export consignments for the Quarantine Department of Primary Industries' clearance at our Mainland and Island depots.

Customer's testimonials

FS Fumiserv workers are very good,polite,always on time or even early. The office staff has been very polite and helpful. I can usually schedule my appointments within a few days of calling. And they call me every quarter when my service is do to schedule if I haven't already called them.

-Madam Cheung, Seberang Jaya